Are You Gonna Be A Housewife Forever?

“Ma, are you gonna be a housewife forever?” This is one of the stunning questions of my eldest daughter while we were going to her school one morning. My answers were: “I don’t know”, I’m not sure”, and “Why are you asking?”. Well, to be honest, I really don’t know. And this reminded me of my goals in life or my long term plan.
It’s almost a year now for not having a job. I resigned as Software Test Engineer at Singapore and migrated here at New Zealand. I was five months pregnant when we arrived here and so I decided not to get a job yet. My daily routine was to send my daughter to school and pick her up after. Good thing that the school is just a walking distance but with my big tummy it was tiring sometimes. Some parents offered me a ride but I refused and told them it was my exercise but to be honest, I was just shy. 🙂
Now, we have our new princess. She’s four months old but still, I don’t know yet when to go back to work. Half of my mind is telling to go back to work and half of it is telling me to be a full-time Mom. For me to be worry free, I stop thinking about it and just enjoy what I am now.
The meaning of housewife is broad for me. I am into it without even understanding it fully. But, hey! I don’t think I need to to be qualified as one! My daily experience teaches me to be one. I’m not saying that being a housewife is easy. In fact, I realised that it is the hardest thing that a Mom will do. I cried, I shout, and I laugh with my kids. It may sound crazy, but it’s true and I think I’m still normal being crazy! 🙂 I’ve done bad parenting that made me regret afterwards.
So, to answer the question, Am I gonna be a housewife forever? Still, I don’t know! One thing I know is they wanted me to be with this occupation and they still need me. So, despite those crazy things, I will stay as a housewife for now.

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  1. Thanks dear. I always try to capture those countless and precious memories with them. They teaches me so many lessons in life. ☺

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