When A Child Reminded You To Be Happy

One afternoon I was folding our laundry while Zaidee a 3-year-old was watching TV. She came to me saying Mummy, hold my hands. We were holding hands in my lap and she said to me in my eyes, “Be happy!”

I’m not sure though where did she learn this. I can’t remember telling this to her. I guess she learned it from her preschool and I am so thankful to the teachers for this nice gesture.

I’m not sure why she said this to me. Maybe she saw my serious face while doing my chore. And from time to time I get caught up by her question if I’m happy or sad. Sometimes if I smile or answer that I’m happy she would tell me, “I’m happy for you Ma.” So sweet of her!

I’m so grateful for having my kids who remind me to be happy. Sometimes I am pushed to fake it though for them to not see my sadness. Well, I have read in some blogs that say, Fake it until you make it! 🙂