When Are We Gonna Be Rich?

Another question that blows my mind thrown by my daughter while she was eating. Ma, when are we gonna be rich? Ahhmmm, we are already rich honey! I responded quickly. But why don’t we have big computer? Another question that made me smile. She’s been wishing to have her own computer lately.

I was trying to compose quickly to support my answer to her. Even if it’s hard to explain to an eight-year-old kid that being rich is not only about money and material things. I told her that we are rich because we have each other, we have families, and friends.

“Being rich is to have lots of money so that we can buy more foods and if we have extra foods we can donate them. If we have extra money we can donate them too.” This is how she  defines being rich after hearing my side. This makes me feel proud of her for she thinks about sharing what we have even if still sounds that being rich is to have lots of money. ☺